Anne Baxter and Ann Miller during a strip poker game held to raise clothing for a UNRRA drive (1945) photographed by Peter Stackpole.

photographed by Aurele Ferrero for UMag

Clint Eastwood on the set of Magnum Force, 1973.

Natalie Dormer in After Miss Julie, 2012

Ann-Margret in Kitten with a Whip, 1964.

“So what show are you on?” 
“Well, Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, and Nashville.” They’re like, “How’s that possible?” And I don’t know. Somehow it was possible to be guests on all those shows in the last year. It’s been fun. One of the fun things as an actor is to really spread your wings as wide as possible and do a variety of roles. I’ve been really lucky in that sense I think.
— Michiel Huisman

Our way is the old way.